College Admissions

The Five Ws of US College Interviews

​​Hitting the submit button on your college applications is a huge load off your shoulders. The waiting game officially begins! However, this is not the end of the admissions process – there is still work to be done.

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How to Prepare For UK College Interviews

Interviews are not common practice in the UK university admissions landscape. However, if you are applying for care-giving courses like medicine or social work, or even creative programs, it is quite likely that an interview will be part of your application process.

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Making the Most of College Visits

With over 4,000 universities in the US, identifying your best-fit school can be a daunting task. Campus visits can play an important role in helping you to build your list and decide which colleges are right for you.

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Debunking Myths About Women’s Colleges

What do Nancy Pelosi, Drew Faust and Ng’endo Mwangi have in common? Apart from the fact that they are all pioneers in their fields as the first female Speaker of the House, first female President of Harvard University and Kenya’s first woman physician

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What To Do If You Are Waitlisted

March and April can be an overwhelming period for high school seniors, as college admissions notifications come rolling in. While an acceptance is the most ideal outcome and a rejection is the most disheartening, we often forget about the third possible result: being waitlisted.

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