We take the time to understand you as an applicant

This is your journey. Our first task as counselors is to get to know you. We use aptitude tests, interest inventories, and interviews with students and parents to generate a comprehensive roadmap for each applicant and an understanding of their vision for the future. For undecided students, who may not yet have a clear plan for their path forward – don’t worry; we’ll help you find it.

We help you to explore global higher education options

Globally-savvy families are often looking to consider a number of different higher education systems. Our team has a nuanced understanding of the admission requirements and processes across the US, UK, Canada and Europe. We will work with you to demystify this complex landscape and understand which environments might be best suited for you.

We collaborate to craft your personal profile

A compelling personal narrative is crucial to any university application, especially given the increased competition to get into highly selective universities. We work with you to construct or create a coherent theme throughout your application and to build an academic and extracurricular profile that showcases your interests and personality in a manner that is authentic and memorable.

We guide you to develop a well-balanced list

Based on your responses to our surveys and self-assessments, we will define what you are looking for from your college experience and work together to identify your best-fit programs and institutions. We will help you build a college list that is well-balanced and aligned with your interests and future aspirations.

We ensure you can manage the process with ease

The complexity of the university application process demands excellent organization, focus, and attention to detail. This can be an overwhelming experience for even the most diligent student. We help you manage the process by breaking down the deluge of tasks during application season into manageable, bite-sized chunks and assist you in staying on-top of your deadlines.
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